Kamis, 02 Februari 2017

Supermarket Superindo gave Price Save

At the beginning of 2017, Superindo Supermarket give up program effective price discounts for a wide range of quality products. For those of you who are interested can go directly to Superindo in Mall Kartinin tanjungkarang Bandarlampung.

To meet the needs of your home, Superindo beginning of 2017 provides effective price program ranging from basic needs to the product in the form of knick knacks.

Moreover, this promo is also ahead of the celebration sincia product offering mandarin orange mini or so-called Orange Baby Santang, which this time is sold at a price of Rp2.400 per 100 grams for the period 16 to January 19.

Meanwhile other products such as baby diapers Mami Poko Pants Diapers Baby 24'S Boys Ekstralarge Rp.79.000 / pcs save up to Rp33.500 with the purchase of a maximum of 4 pcs. Diapers Sweety Fitpans Rp73.790 / pcs more efficient Rp8 thousand.

Not only that raw materials such as meat, fish, until vegetables every day is always changing and fresh.

In every shop in Superindo up to 100 thousand, visitors can get a shopping voucher worth Rp 10 thousand Superindo lasts until the end of January 2017.

harga promo Superindo employee said, the programs that exist today until the end of January, so that the community can still take advantage of the current expenditure of time before the promotion ends.

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