Kamis, 02 Februari 2017

In This City Indomaret none, Why?

Travellers who set foot in the realm of Minangkabau, West Sumatra might wonder why in the region none franchises such as Indomaret, Lawson and 7eleven.

Yes, none of minimarket franchises in cities like Bukittinggi, Padang and surrounding areas. Whereas in many other cities, minimarket mushrooming everywhere.

And in fact, why is the local government does forbid minimarket franchises operating in the region. The reason is, there are fears its presence will "turn off" traditional merchants.

It had been stated by the Mayor of Padang Mahyeldi Ansar. He asserted, would not give permission to the franchise network harga promo Indomaret to open stores in the city of Padang.

According Mahyeldi, the presence of both franchises can damage the regional economy later. "Indomaret not issued the license because it would damage the regional economy," said Mayor of Padang.

With the atmosphere of the store is modern, bright, air-conditioned, well-integrated goods, miscellaneous goods fairly complete, and the price is certainly, certainly makes people prefer shopping at the mini franchise. Thereby potentially causing stalls or grocery store shoppers become deserted.

In addition, since the first known Minang people with its trading tradition. Now, with the ban on mini-franchise, automatically natives who are mostly traders scour can be shielded from competition.

Even so, it does not mean nothing at all minimarket in West Sumatra. There is also a minimarket but its not a franchise owned by private individuals. Minimarket is usually called convenience stores (convenience stores)

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